Who We Serve

Comprehensive Services for Seniors, Families, and Their Representatives

CareFiduciary serves individual seniors in need, families seeking help for loved ones, and professionals who refer to us on behalf of people who need care management or
fiduciary services.


Perhaps you live alone and recognize that your capacity for managing your health and financial affairs has diminished. Or you feel overwhelmed with the challenge of caring for a loved one. Or you want to remain as independent as possible without relying on family members. We honor your wishes and respect the way you want to live your life, while offering as much support as you need.

We can help you or your loved one. We are highly experienced in healthcare management, and, as licensed fiduciaries, we are trustworthy administrators of financial affairs and properties.

Concerned Families and Friends

Perhaps you’re caring for a spouse or family member at home, or dealing with the challenge of an aging parent who lives out of state.

CareFiduciary can help. We can identify your loved one’s needs, coordinate their care, and keep them and you informed every step of the way. We can assist with the daily needs of living. And, as licensed fiduciaries, we can assist with bill payment and money management.


Attorneys, medical professionals, home care agencies, and senior communities can confidently refer to us or partner with us for the benefit of clients, patients, and beneficiaries.